I’m sitting in my garden, totally absorbed by its movement & busy-ness.  Little birds chatting, fluttering around, leaves dropping, soft wind brushing the trees, frogs croaking, so much activity in my little hub of awareness.

And then the word BOREDOM dropped into my mind.  Nature in its own intelligence just always has something to ‘do’.  How did it happen that we as humans came to be bored?  And then wipe the boredom away with may it be shopping, getting addicted to sport, watching TV, movies, playing video games, computer games, and of course the more toxic boredom eliminators like drugs, drinking and so I can go on and on with this list until I get bored with it…

How do we fill our time? How much of what we focus our time on actually inspires us?  How often do we do something that make us feel we have contributed our bit to this planet, we have done something good even for ourselves, in terms of personal growth?  Switch of that TV, step away from that computer, put on the music and dance, step outside and plant a tree, help someone.  Find the juice in yourself so that we as a whole can flood that boredom thing out. Just maybe we can also, like nature, fill this world with beauty.


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