foot massageIn Leonardo da Vinci’s words the human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art. Take a good look at your feet. Your feet can tell a story. Your very own life story – and that in amazingly and astonishing detail and precision.

I would like to take you on an exploration. One way or another, we are all striving for alignment with soul’s purpose. For that equals happiness…simply being at the well of eternal life force, at ease. No pains, no hassles. Our body as it is, with all its seeming imperfections actually is the absolutely perfect and marvellous vehicle of the soul and all there is to life.

In many years of experience with massage, body and energy work, I observed with awe and great joy the beneficial effects of the loving touch on our whole wellbeing and especially the balancing and harmonising effects that foot massage can have on all our bodies’ systems and energy flow. Hands-on-healing is as natural as a mother holding her baby.

It is inspiring and fascinating to look at our own subtle energy bodies as well – there were our reality expands to the vibrational planes and colours beyond the matter of our physical body. It takes some practice, but it is great fun!

Respectful science acknowledges the interdependence of everything existing within the microcosm of each cell as much as within the macrocosm of the ’All’. As each cell of our body holds equally the complete blueprint of creation as such, so can our feet tell about the whole body and who we are. Organs, glands and other body parts are laid out in an exact map on the feet and on our hands as well.

Reflexology is a massage technique that allows for self-assessment of our state of wellbeing and energy on the very physical level – our base of being. It is a tool for aligning and unblocking energy flow and it works through mobilisation of the soft tissue structures by the use of hands. The reference points on the feet will respond sensitively to touch and pressure according to our condition and state of health.

As much as it is a beautifully grounding and relaxing exercise to do, to massage one’s own feet or a friends’, it will activate the body’s own innate intelligence of self healing in a natural way. Massaging boosts dopamine and serotonin levels while lowering cortisol, thereby increasing wellbeing. Relaxation results. More energy, yes!

With dissolving and releasing blockages on the physical level what comes through almost instantly is an increased activity of creative properties. Be it art, drama, dance, music, poetry, gardening, caring, loving or in which other intuitive way you choose to express it. It all speaks of healthily flowing, moving energy and makes for happy hearts too. Yes and yes again, brilliant!

Two sides to this, too – creativity comes naturally when we feed ourselves better, when we care and take time off for ourselves. It can clear channels of expression and communication and it rekindles positive feelings like joy, gratitude, kindness, passion and compassion. Oh yes!

Spontaneous artwork speaks from the soul, there were words wouldn’t be sufficient to express the depth of observation on our own life dynamics. It allows images to emerge that can guide us to a better understanding and it allows self-value and confidence to grow playfully and colourfully, beyond the limitations of our ego minds.

That’s where drama comes in as another creative tool. With all its aspects of speech, acting, mime and movement, drama is a light and fun filled way to expand on self-expression and reflection. To tap in to our capacity of free imagination through drama and story making, we can realise our best potential for creating our own story. Very well, very well, yes!

And then, when we come together in a group with each one’s individual gift as the persons we are, we create an even greater gift through sharing. Laughing together enhances the experience of confidence and joy.


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