About us

beaBeatrice Pook graduated as Graphic Designer and Illustrator in Germany and worked in Animation Media Production for 8 years before she came to South Africa in 1986. She lived and worked at Camphill Village West Coast as creative workshop manager for 16 years. In 1998 she completed her studies in Therapeutic Massage Therapy in Cape Town. In 2009 Beatrice started training as a Drama Coach with the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy in Cape Town and is presently working as a health practitioner and drama teacher in Stanford.

nikkiNikki Swanepoel
Dancing and movement is such a great tool for me to step out of my own confined comfort zone and to say to the world: “Wha! Here I Am!” Through dance I came to be more connected to my body and it enhanced my ability to listen within, which allows me to dance more freely through my life. Dancing is my gift to myself, where body, mind and spirit meet in joyful expression! So it comes as no surprise that I qualified as a Nia teacher – white-belt – in 2008. Let’s dance!

leliLeli Hoch is a yoga instructor, a land-artist and a Vision Quest Facilitator. She loves being outdoors and particularly enjoys outbursts of creativity and insights into the human nature whilst being outdoors. Sometimes these outbursts are channeled into creating land art, at other times, less often she admits, an insight comes up. After having lived in Germany, Italy and New Zealand she now lives permanently in South Africa.


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