Love Yourself

Yes, you read that so often, we know. If you google it dozens of pages show up explaining how to pamper yourself with chocolate, sex and fashion or you find these lists: “10 Ways To Love Yourself” or the like, telling you to “Let go of your mistakes” and “Transform your mindset” etc etc. There is nothing wrong with sex and chocolate or transforming your mindset but how to achieve the latter and what about finding a lover and losing weight? There must be another way to learn to love, embrace and honour yourself:

  • In the company of like-minded friends people
  • Experiencing and acknowledging your body in a variety of movements.
  • Enjoying silence and listening to your internal self.
  • Touching your own skin in new ways.
  • Finding your own artistic expression
  • Having lots of fun
  • And all of that in a beautiful & nurturing environment

Come and feel the magic of getting to know yourself better, your movements, your body, your creative powers, expressing yourself with confidence –  loving yourself!


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