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The Love Yourself Weekend

 Friday 05 – Sunday 07 July 2013

Inside every woman lies the ability to connect with that force within, where passion, creativity, intuition and power live side-by-side with your ageless wisdom. However sometimes it becomes difficult to keep the connection to this wonderful force open and to use its vitalizing power. Life happens, and sometimes we lose the connection and experience ourselves as separate from it.  During these time we can find ourselves  experiencing too much work, no work, relationships that have gone wrong, loneliness, the loss of a loved one or a combination thereof. You know what we mean, right? Ask yourself:

When in my life did I stop singing?

When in my life did I stop dancing?

Where in my life did I lose enchantment with my own life story?

Take a break and come join us in the beautiful surrounds of the Overberg where fynbos, bird song and clean air create a magical stage for celebrating being a woman, celebrating self love and simply being the joyous expression which is you.

We will offer you a time to dance to your own rhythm, relax and stretch body and mind with yoga, meet your own beautiful skin, touch the earth in creative expression and re-connect with your passion, your creativity, your power and your intuition. And we will have fun!

Take the first step, come as you are, travel the unknown (dirt) road into a magical and secluded valley, because: “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.” (Oscar Wilde)

What shall we do together?

All activities below are thoughtfully woven together to offer you a way through all aspects of yourself: to wake up your body, to kindle your creativity, to allow emotions, to feel sensations, face your fear, engage and still your mind.

Zensation: Enchanted movement, listening within. Nikki will guide you through various emotions with dance, just listen to the music, silence the mind and watch art in motion as you awaken to your own inner dancer, freeing mind, body and spirit.

Leli teaches a gentle Vinyasa Flow style of yoga, which is suitable for beginners and which can be spiced-up if wanted or needed. Morning classes start with meditation and pranayama (conscious breathing), evening classes end with meditation and pranayama. The themes of the classes will follow the rhythm of the weekend, emotional, sensual, perhaps powerful and earthy, sometimes light and airy, always having fun!

In Land Art nature is both canvas and material. You are encouraged to observe, listen, touch and feel. With hands as the only tools, resourcefulness is needed and only what is present may be used – rocks, sand, leaves, sticks, reflective water, the landscape.

Nature may be the starting point, but conscious intervention results in art, which is entirely cultural. And principles of art such as form, line, perspective, space, colour and texture are to be considered. The ephemeral creations remain where they have been made to change and erode under natural conditions. Often all that remains is a photograph.

The ceremony of the Vision Quest is one of the most universal and ancient means to find spiritual guidance and purpose. On this weekend we offer space for a relatively short but quite challenging time alone in nature, which will serve as an introduction into the idea of a vision quest.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy includes the assessment and evaluation of a person’s state of health and serves the treatment and prevention of all conditions of un-wellness.

Wellness   =   movement   =   energy

Through the mobilisation and relaxation of soft tissue structures and the balancing effects of the treatments, energy flow is restored, life forces are refreshed and wellbeing comes about. We will explore understanding and accepting our bodies through working with foot massage. Your feet can tell a story – your own story!

Drama is about creative fun and confident self-expression and playfully teaches problem-solving and clear communication. Laughing together enhances the experience of confidence and joy!

Where will we meet?

Fynbos Retreat is surrounded by trees and mountains and is an inspirational sanctuary far from the stresses of modern life; a sacred space for meditation and reflection, healing and transformation, rest and rejuvenation.

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Friday 05 July – Sunday 07 July 2013 
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